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Support the work of your favorite artist

Own of your favorite artworks

From € 10 you're in, no minimum term, no automatic contract extension

Use what you prefer: Paypal (my account: direct debit or bank transfer

Get your voucher for every payment with identical value redeemable in art of Stephan Reichmann. Your vouchers have no time restrictions and are transferable to anyone of your choice

To redeem you can use this website or you will get recommendations from the artist himself

Earn a bonus voucher of € 50 for every € 100 Euro investment. This means you can buy art for € 150 beginning right of your first paid € 100

You can immediately or at a later date take possession of one or more works

Receive a certificate of authenticity for each of your artworks identifying you as the owner - learn more about Provenance

Get shipped your artwork immediately when ordered or leave it with the artist until another time

You can be named as the owner of your artwork but remain anonymous

You can provide your artworks for exhibitions

All rights reserved by owner - you can resell, auctioning, giving away or inheriting at any time

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