Claude Monet's water lilies, or nymphéas, are so iconic that I was already fed up of them before I could even see them in real and at home in France. The best works I found in the Marmottan Museum, much less than the large-format testament at L'Orangerie. Monet's Nymphéas, especially the more abstract, touched me so much that I had to express my enthusiasm and infatuation with technology and colours in my own work. The small selection in this collection focusses on an recently painted eight-part series on canvas in large format of 120 x 100 cm and the imiidiatly created small format series on Formica.

Other nymphéas could already be seen in the large exhibition "Komm baden! / Let's Have a Bath" at Water Gallery, Berlin, Germany in 2016:
Am Seerosenteich / Lily pond     

curated by Stephan Reichmann (, Berlin (Germany)

If you do not want to dig around:

Here sometimes Stephan put togehter a small collection of his paintings for your convinience. Either new works he wants to show or issues that have touched him just intensively.